Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Polymer Clay Texture Ideas: Leaves

Some leaves are better than the others for creating texture on polymer clay.

Look for smooth (with no little "hairs") stiff leaves with deep or protruding veins.

I found these leaves on a bush in Brookside Gardens.  Wish I knew the name of the plant...

What to do with your leaf-textured polymer clay sheet?  They can be used in many ways to make beautiful jewelry and home decor items.  A few ideas to get you started are described in this tutorial of mine:
Polymer Clay Pendants Tutorial Leaf Imprints and Silver Frames

In this tutorial, I describe how to make and use both positive and negative texture plates using natural leaves, how to showcase their texture, and how to make pendants framed in hand-made bezels.  By the way, making the bezels, in my humble opinion, is the most valuable part of this tutorial: I am showing my extremely simple, no-soldering, method of making custom-shaped bezels, texturing them, and adding patina.

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