Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tutorial Scrap Polymer Clay Vase

Another tutorial re-worked from my earlier publication in Polymer Cafe magazine is now available on my site, PolymerTutorials.com.
This is a fun and easy project. There are many ways to utilize scrap polymer clay, but many of them require colorful piles of scraps and offer ideas for relatively small quantities of them. This project helps to take care of a relatively big amount of clay in similar colors.

I listed this tutorial for $0.50. I would love to be able to offer it for free, but I am missing this option on my site at the moment. You will need to create an account on my site and go through PayPal payment in order to obtain this tutorial.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Student's Work, Faux Cloisonne

I love, love, love it when my customers (my "students") send me pictures of their works done following my tutorials.

I received the sweetest e-mail from Donna P.  She wrote:  "Hiya Eugena,  I have been busy at work enjoying your tutorial. I found the directions thorough and concise and the corresponding photos excellent. Even I could follow them!..."

And then Donna included a picture of a few of her pendants she made following my Faux Cloisonne Tutorial.

I already told Donna (and I would like to repeat it here) that I especially like the one with a tree. She has a really nice a clever design here - the wire is used for the roots and branches, and everything else is painted with mica powders. I like how the wire gives just enough highlights for the design, but does not overpower it. Nicely done! This tree pendant is a perfect example how this tutorial may be used to learn a technique, not just one project (although Donna did a fine job with the three heart pendants made following the instructions for the Faux Cloisonne heart described in the tutorial).

Donna gracefully allowed me to use her photo and comments in this blog.

Thank you, Donna, and happy claying!

New Polymer Tutorials Catalog

I am very happy to announce the release of my new Polymer Tutorials catalog, designed with a fresh new look, user-friendly navigation, and (the best feauture!) an instant tutorial download option. Now you may have your new tutorial within seconds from purchasing it!

Here is the link that will take you directly to the catalog: http://polymertutorials.com/catalog/index.php
Let me also clarify that the rest of my web site is still up and running.  For example, my Beginner's Page (http://www.polymertutorials.com/polymer-clay-advice.html), offers a lot of information about basic steps of working with polymer clay, such as conditioning, baking, sanding, and more.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tutorial Polymer Clay Vase with Sculpted Lilac Flowers and Gemstones

I just finished writing a tutorial for my polymer clay vase with sculpted lilac flowers and leaves.  The vase is decorated with amethyst gemstones and has a lot of texture.  I am very happy with this project!

This tutorial is 23 pages long and has almost 60 pictures. I organized my instructions in 18 sections, and broke each section into a few steps.
This tutorial is now available in my Etsy shop and on my site, PolymerTutorials.com.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Blank Brass Bracelets

I am expanding Supplies section in my Etsy shop.

Two types of blank brass bracelets for polymer clay embellishment are now available.

I have ideas for tutorials explaining how to cover these bangles with polymer clay. Keep an eye on my shop - the tutorials are coming up soon.

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