Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Work In Progress: Sea Creatures

I am working on a new series of polymer clay pendants - with a corresponding tutorial, of course.

Coral and sea urchin inspired pieces are very popular right now, especially in ceramics.  I did not want to copy anybody's work, even if it is in a different medium, technically speaking.  It took me a good number of hours in my studio to finally come up with something that I actually like.  My husband had to listen to a lot of my grumbling, but he is finally rewarded by seeing me happy and inspired.  I see so much potential for these designs!

In the tutorial, I will describe five pendants, each constructed from three parts with different designs (that is a total of fifteen different components that can be arranged in various ways).  Each pendant will be represented in three finishes: all white, white and black, and colored.

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