Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New Class: Multifunctional Hand-Made Stamps

 I am happy to unveil my new 2-day workshop that I will be teaching in Master Class Camp in Laurel, MD (July 9-12, 2015):

Multifunctional Hand-Made Stamps with Eugena Topina

Hand-made stamps for polymer clay
I am sure a lot of fellow polymer clayers can relate to this story.

For years, I've been searching for a way to turn my own designs into stamps. Sculpting or carving them out of polymer clay was an obvious first choice, but the stamps turned out too crude and small details were impossible to recreate. Then, I tried ordering custom rubber stamps online. The cost was a bit too high for me and the turn-around time was way too long. As for the stamps, they were better than my first ones, but still not detailed enough. In my search for the perfect stamp, I even considered 3D-printing at some point (which did not work out either).

Finally, one day, I came up with an idea that produced stamps with thin, tall and strong walls. These could be created on my own time, and with no cost at all. With these, I was ready to conquer many different techniques. My own faux cloisonné Рcheck! Back-filling Рcheck! Sutton slice Рhave never been easier! Mokume-gane Рany design is possible! But, making the stamps themselves was too cumbersome to explain to somebody else.

It took me another year to put the polishing touches on this technique. Finally, I am ready to present it!
I'm ready to teach, are you ready to learn? If yes, then come to my 2-day workshop. During the first day, you will discover how to build these stamps. And on the second day you will be able to explore their many possibilities. Let's stamp!

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