Friday, March 22, 2013

Instant download on Etsy

I am very happy to announce that my polymer clay tutorials are now available on Etsy immediately after purchase.

Here is how this instant download option is going to look like for the buyer perspective (I copied the following description from the Etsy forum post by Tim Holley the Team Captain for Digital Items Etsy team):

- Immediately after a buyer purchases your digital item, they're shown a link that leads them to the downloads page - the page where they can download files associated with a specific order. If their payment hasn't been confirmed, they won't be able to download the files. As soon as payment is confirmed, the downloads will become available from the downloads page. If a buyer paid with Direct Checkout or Paypal it can take a few minutes for their payment to be confirmed. This screenshot is an example:

- Buyers are also sent an email that lets them know their files are ready to download. This email is only sent after their payment has been confirmed. This screenshot is an example:

- Clicking the "View your Files on Etsy" link in the email will bring them to the downloads page, from which they can download each file individually. After downloading, they'll see the last date on which they downloaded it. This screenshot is an example:

- The downloads page is also accessible from the buyer's Purchases page and Receipt for that order.

For clarification: as far as I understand, this option is still in testing and available to the Etsy sellers who participate in the corresponding team.  In the nearest future, it shall be a standard feature on Etsy available to everybody who sells digital items.

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