Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Student's Work, Faux Lampwork with Abstract Design

I received this lovely e-mail from Christine, who had recently bought my polymer clay and resin tutorial Faux Lampwork Beads with Abstract Design:

"Eugena!   I am soooooo excited.   I made beads with your tutorial this evening! I am NOT an artist...but look what you've taught me to make......I can't thank you enough for such clear instructions, that someone like me can follow!"

I have to admit, this e-mail just made my day!  I love seeing the pieces that my customers (my students?) make based on my tutorials.  This is my ultimate reward.  As a teacher, I am always thrilled to see how my ideas are used by other people.  Another thing is when I teach a class in person, I see people's reaction right away.  I can tell based on their reaction, which part of my explanations was clear, which one was not.  With tutorials, I can only hope that I made every bit of my instructions clear enough for other people to follow, but I often do not really know if that is true or not...  That is why a feedback from someone who followed a tutorial is so important to me.
Christine, thank you so much for sharing the pictures of your work and for your kind words.  I love how your beads turned out, and the bracelets you made with them are stunning.

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