Thursday, February 14, 2013

Student's Work, Faux Cloisonne

Faux Cloisonne is by far my most favorite technique, because it allows the most variation in design.  The latest examples of what can be done with this technique were sent to me yesterday by Stephanie Michaud, and they are simply breathtaking.

Stephanie is an equine artist, and her web site ( has beautiful examples of her realistically-painted resin sculptures, with which she has been working for many years. 
Stephanie wrote to me that she is now looking for new artistic ways to have more fun with her work.  The pieces you see here are her first ones made following my Faux Cloisonne tutorial.  I am so impressed by her results!
 Now, get this: Stephanie listed all four of these pieces on Etsy yesterday, and all four were sold right away.  And did I mention that she had actually opened her Etsy shop the same day as well?  Amazing, isn't it?  I am so happy for her!

This last plaque is my favorite so far.  I cannot wait to see more of Stephanie's works.  She is planning to practice with my Crackled Metal Leaf Tutorial and promises to send pictures of her results. 
Thank you, Stephanie!  Looking forward to more pictures from you!


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