Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tallinn Trip: Fairy Tales and Openwork Sculptures

Tallinn, Estonia, view from the Upper Town
 After visiting St.Petersburg, we went to Tallinn (Estonia).

This must be the least crowded capital city in Europe!  We were there in the middle of August, right at the peak of the tourist season, and there was a very bearable number of people even in the Old Town.

Speaking of Tallinn's old town - it is just magical.  No wonder, during the Soviet Union time most of the fairy tale movies were made there.

Tallinn, Estonia, outside of the old city walls

Tallinn, Estonia, cafe

Tallinn, Estonia, view from one of the towers in the Lower Town
 We spent less than two days in this enchanted place.  When we came home, it turned out I took most pictures from our trip in Tallinn.

Now, to the openwork sculptures mentioned in the title.  We went for a stroll just outside the city walls and came across some kind of exhibition of modern sculptures.  Too bad all signs were in estonian, so I have no idea what these things are and who made them.  However, I was pleasantly surprised to recognize one of the shapes I've been obsessed with for almost a year now.

Tallinn, Estonia, openwork sculptures outside the Old Town walls

Don't they look like some of my polymer clay Openwork Pendants?!

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