Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cabin Fever Creative Arts Fest 2015 Registration

Registration for Cabin Fever Creative Arts Fest 2015 is now officially open! For all details and registration, please visit 

Hurry up!  The first 50 registrants will receive a special registration bonus.

Here is the list of instructors: Jana Roberts Benzon, Maureen Carlson, , Robert Dancik, Dayle Doroshow, Christi Friesen, Lindly Haunani, Anke Humpert, Doreen Kassel, Randee Ketzel, Melanie Muir, Kathryn Jo Ottman, Nan Roche, Sarah Shriver, Marie Segal, Eugena Topina, and Teri Walters.


  1. Love your tutorials, Eugenia! I posted the Cabin Fever Creative Arts Fest on my Facebook page and I hope my friends can sign up! It's at


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