Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tutorial Polymer Clay Embossed and Impressed, Part 2, Christmas gifts, DIY gifts

Look for the first part of this free polymer clay tutorial in my previous post.

Following the steps described in the first part of this tutorial, you made and baked a polymer clay veneer with embossed and impressed design.  

Your next step is to sand the edges of this veneer with a piece of relatively rough sandpaper (100 grit or similar).

Below are the pictures of the polymer clay veneer edge before and after sanding.

At this point the obtained polymer clay veneer may be used to decorate the notebook cover.  However, if you would like to highlight the design with acrylic paint, it could be done in one of the two ways described below.

Option 1. 

Apply small quantity of paint onto your index finger.

Gently tap the polymer clay veneer with your finger. 

Repeat as needed until the whole veneer is covered.

Option 2.

Paint your polymer clay veneer with acrylic paint in contrasting color.  Let the paint dry.

Using a piece of sandpaper, sand off some paint to reveal the pattern underneath it.

To complete the project, first put the covers back onto your notebook.  Gently press the wire loops together to restore their original shape.

Using Super Glue or glue E6000, attach the obtained polymer clay veneer onto the cover of your notebook.

This technique may be used for decoration of many other objects, such as picture and mirror frames, various boxes, business card holders, jewelry. etc.


  1. Отличный мастер-класс! Спасибо что поделились!

  2. So many possibilities for this beautiful work of art Eugenia. Thank you for sharing this easy to make polymer clay tutorial and your beautiful art work. Hugs ♥


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