Thursday, November 15, 2012

Coming Soon: New Catalog

My husband and I are working on a new version of my on-line catalog of polymer clay tutorials. The picture above is a snapshot of an individual tutorial page in the new catalog. Currently I offer these tutorials through my web site, I did all programming there myself, from scratch. While I am obviously proud of that achievement, I also know that quite a few things can be improved on my web site, and the catalog is number one of them.

We are installing a commercial shopping cart that will allow my customers to see the tutorials instantaneously in their accounts. Right now I have a system that e-mails the files as soon as a PayPal notification about the payment is received. Every so often these e-mails land in bulk e-mail boxes or do not get delivered because of various safety features in my customers' e-mails (such as restrictions on attachments, for example). I hope that the new system will make the future shopping experience on my web site much smoother.

Stay tuned for the grand opening announcement! We plan to have the catalog fully functional in about two or three weeks.

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