Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tutorial How to use EnviroTex Lite or ICE resin to cover polymer clay pendants and other small objects, version 2

A new version of my popular tutorial for using resin with polymer clay is now available in my Etsy shop.

This is an improved and extended version of this tutorial, with more tips and more pictures than before.

The tutorial includes step-by-step instructions for measuring and mixing the resin in very small quantities. This is very helpful when you do not want to waste any resin. I also included pictures and instructions showing how to apply and degas the resin and how to deal with a few most common mistakes (such as resin spills or trapped air bubbles). Descriptions of the best conditions for working with two-part epoxy resins, drying times for different temperatures, and tips for accelerated curing of the resin are also provided.

The best places to buy EnviroTex Lite and ICE resin are listed in this tutorial. A trial kit of EnviroTex lite resin is available in my etsy shop.

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